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South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint Newsletter July 2022

Progress on addressing Blueprint workshop comments

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Results from draft Blueprint review at workshops and next steps

by Rua Mordecai, Coordinator, South Atlantic and Southeast Conservation Blueprints

We’ve now finished updating indicators for the year in response to workshop feedback, and are partway through running the final Blueprint prioritization. All the workshop comments were super helpful in figuring out what we needed to fix. We'll document any issues we couldn't solve this year so we can cue them up for next year’s update cycle. Here’s a sense of some improvements to expect in the final version: better priorities for uplands in National Forests and other public lands, working lands in Florida, important areas for Interior Southeast grasslands, playas in Texas and Oklahoma, and important areas for island-dependent species. For more details on these changes and a summary of the timeline for the rest of the Southeast Conservation Blueprint 2022 revision cycle, >>read Rua's blog...