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Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW)

The WLFW webportal enables interaction between NRCS's WLFW partners and others interested in conserving whole landscapes and empowering rural economies.

The content here augments those WLFW resources available for on USDA's website, and allows users (including landowners) access to a wide variety of information, online training materials, planning and decision-support tools, as well as access to experts, NRCS field staff, and landowners.


Landscape Partnership

USDA Doubling Down on Growth of NRCS Working Lands For Wildlife!

USDA is expanding on existing working lands and wildlife conservation efforts here, while kicking off strategic improvements and adding more resources!

Where We Work

Smaller version of the WLFW Initiatives map

Maps indicate the geographic extent of each of the national and state-run conservation efforts. Click each map to expand it and learn more about our activities in these areas.

Smaller version of the 2023 NRCS Initiative map

Focus Species

WLFW partners with private landowners to conserve large, intact landscapes for people and wildlife. We do that by focusing our efforts on “umbrella species” that act as bellwethers for how their ecosystem is faring.

Learn more about each species
Landscape Partnership

American Black Duck

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Landscape Partnership

Bog Turtle

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Landscape Partnership


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Landscape Partnership

Golden-winged Warbler

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Landscape Partnership

Northern Bobwhite Quail

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WLFW Conservation Tools


A new Mobile App to track Northern Bobwhite on Our Landscapes

The app is a citizen science tool that can be used by the public to contribute to our knowledge of the distribution and abundance of Northern Bobwhite

Landscape Partnership



A Systematic Map of Bird-vegetation Relationships in Eastern and Boreal Forests

This tool allows users to search for literature on bird species-vegetation relationships in eastern and boreal forests of North America.


See the NRCS WLFW website for specific information on: WLFW national and state-run target species partnerships; priority geographies for implementation; strategic plans published by USDA; how to participate in Farm Bill programs; and news and blogs about WLFW activities.