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South Atlantic Blueprint June 2022 Newsletter

Blueprint workshop results and summer web forum schedule.

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Results from draft Blueprint review at workshops and next steps

by Rua Mordecai, Coordinator, South Atlantic and Southeast Conservation Blueprints

Thanks so much to all the folks who came to the recent Blueprint 2022 workshops. We got more than 400 spatial comments on the draft version of Southeast Conservation Blueprint 2022. Some were questions, some were underprioritized or overprioritized areas, and others were places that looked good. Those comments, and others in the workshop chat, will guide the improvements we work on for this and future Blueprint updates. We’re hoping to incorporate some of those improvements before finalizing this version of the Blueprint later this year. For things we can’t fix, we’ll document them in the known issues and prioritize them for improvements in next year’s Blueprint. To read more about what improvements are planned based on workshop input, >>read Rua's blog...<

Blueprint workshop attendance and wording poll results

by Hilary Morris, User Support & Communications, South Atlantic & Southeast Blueprints

The SECAS staff team had such an exciting and thought-provoking three weeks of virtual workshops to review Draft Southeast Blueprint 2022! Huge thanks to the 234 people from 80 organizations who attended and provided feedback. In addition to gathering spatially explicit comments on the Blueprint priorities, we also collected input on the wording we use to communicate the Blueprint. Based on some early testing with Blueprint users and science communicators, we're moving away from the "conservation value" language that we've used in current and past versions of the Southeast Blueprint. Workshop attendees voted for their favorite of two alternatives: "priority for a connected network of lands and waters" and "importance for a connected network of lands and waters." To see which option was most popular, >>check out Hilary's blog post...