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A collection of documents, materials, and resources for use by this work group.
MUST READ:  Objective 2.7 Work Plan

MUST READ: Objective 2.7 Work Plan

A Ppt slide image depicting the objective and identified tasks (steps/timeline) to advance the work in identifying surrogate species use as planning and monitoring approach to landscape-level conservation. (It is part of Section B of the 5-Year Work Plan -

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FWS Region-5 NALCC Representative Species Approach

This folder contains background materials introducing the "representative species" approach Region-5 began prior to the formal adoption by the Service to promote a surrogate species approach (to inform landscape-level conservation.)

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FWS Region-4 SALCC Natural Resource Indicators

FWS Region-4 SALCC Natural Resource Indicators

The SALCC included the identification of "surrogate species" as part of its biological or natural resource indicators to support the planning and conservation at the landscape-level

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MUST READ: Working Documents - Merging RI/SS Approaches

Initial working documents developed to begin comparing the two approaches used to date for identification of Resource Indicators and Surrogate Species, and support decision-making on a way forward for the AppLCC.

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