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You are here: Home / Projects / Connecticut River Watershed Pilot / Aquatic Technical Subteam / Aquatic Subteam Meeting 06-19-2014

Aquatic Subteam Meeting 06-19-2014

Document: Macro-group and IEI Metrics Weighting Plans, June 12, 2014

Team leaders discussion on Macro-group and IEI Metrics Weighting Plans

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Document: Notes from June 19, 2014 Aquatics Subteam Meeting

Notes from aquatics subteam meeting and IEI Metric Weighting discussion

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Excel Workbook: Summary Statistics for Macrogroups

Aquatic ecological macrogroups used in the Connecticut River Landscape Conservation Design project. Summary statistics for each group, and a weighting multiplier affecting conservation priorities.

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Excel Workbook: Weighting Aquatic Integrity Models

Aquatic System Intactness (a.k.a. stressor) and Resiliency Metrics used in the index of ecological integrity portion of the Landscape Change, Assessment and Design (LCAD) model.

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