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Research (under construction)


Wildland fire research is critical to understanding the complexities of how to best manage the natural and human elements of wildland fire. Communicating research findings helps ensure that they are used to inform wildland management across jurisdictions.

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Scientists participate in a Prescribed Fire Science Consortium

Scientists participate in a Prescribed Fire Science Consortium collaborative fire research event at Tall Timbers Research Station. Photo: David Godwin, Southern Fire Exchange / University of Florida.

Relevant Wildland Fire Research Journals

As compared to wildfire, there are significantly fewer research studies that focus on prescribed burning. This gap in the research and the need to address it was highlighted by fire scientists from across the country in a recent Forum article in Fire Ecology and Southern Fire exchange webinar.

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Ongoing Projects

This space will contain information on projects in-the-works but not completed to increase information sharing within the community of practice.

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