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Comparing Remote Sensing and Field-Based Approaches to Estimate Ladder Fuels and Predict Wildfire Burn Severity

A comparative study on remote sensing and field-based approaches to estimate ladder fuel density. Can densities from different approaches predict wildfire burn severity?

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Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) Fire Map

The WFCA Fire Map pulls data from the US Forest Service via National Interagency Fire Center IRWIN feed, and 911 Dispatch data via PulsePoint to track the location of the wildfire as they start and while they’re burning. The WFCA Fire Map is the first map of its kind to pull such data from 911 Dispatch in relevant areas.

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Bootjack Fire Station Water Storage Project

The “Bootjack Fire Station Water Storage Project” included the installation of a new water tank at a local fire station in the disadvantaged community of Bootjack. The project’s purpose was to increase local water storage to fight the growing number of wildfires in the region.

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Overwintering behavior reduces mortality for a terrestrial turtle in forests managed with prescribed fire

Using radiotelemetry, we studied overwintering behavior and interactions with fire in a forest-dwelling terrestrial turtle, the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina), over an eight-year period at two sites that use prescribed fire in forest management.

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