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Chuck Williams Ph.D.

Williams, Chuck

I'm a “place-based” naturalist, ecologist,  environmental consultant, and writer with particular interests in the land and riverscapes of the Appalachians, largely with a focus on conservation, biodiversity, environmental change, and human-environment issues. My research/professional interests include riparian ecology (ecological survey and assessment; natural history of riparian-associated plants and wildlife), forest ecology (natural history of eastern North American forest trees; regeneration ecology; herb-layer composition, structure and dynamics), historical ecology (land-use history and landscape change; landscape history of Appalachia; effects of human-induced environmental change in landscapes and rivers of the eastern United States, especially in relation to past and present natural resource uses), and ethnobiology (traditional and contemporary use, management and conservation of plants, wildlife and fisheries resources, especially in eastern North America).


Non-Game/Native fish conservation Aquatic Plants Insects (incl. butterfly/moth) Amphibians Reptiles Terrestrial Plants - Commercial Terrestrial Plants - Rare or endemic River/stream ecology Wetland ecology Hydrology and geomorphology Wetland/Marsh/Estuarine Early successional forest Lowland/mesic forests Upland/mixed forest High altitude forest Grassland/shrub Disturbance-dependent communities (e.g., fire-dependent forests, etc.) Agro ecosystems Parks and Recreation Aquatic systems/resources (incl. instream flow) Terrestrial systems/resources (incl. geochemical, nutrients) Population biology and demographics (incl. biometrics/biostatistics) Disease surveillance Remote sensing (LiDAR) Rivers/Streams - Instream Habitat Rivers/Streams - Streambank/Riparian Forest/natural cover management, restoration Open grassland and shrub/natural cover management, restoration Aquatic Invasive plant Aquatic Invasive animal Terrestrial Plant pest/pathogen/disease Terrestrial Animal pest/pathogen/disease Zoonotic diseases Watershed and water delivery management (dams, reservoirs) (incl. dam removal/fish passage) Cultural landscapes Energy development (coal) Energy development (gas) Energy development (natural gas) Energy development (wind) Appalachia (Cultural Communities) Rural Communities Ozark/Ouachita-Appalachian Forests