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WLFW Initiatives

The Target Species sites are private working groups and password protected. You must login or register with the provider to access the folders. Please use the Register button to request access. The workspace was funded for NRCS and its partners to collaborate in support of private landowners to implement Working Lands for Wildlife partnership

Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW) was initiated in 2012 and there are eight nationally-identified target species. In 2016 a Request for Proposals was circulated to the NRCS State Offices whereby they could work with local partners to identify additional species for state-run WLFW 2.0 partnership efforts. In response to this RFP, 12 additional species and habitat efforts were approved to launch in 2017, and another 4 in 2018. This portal workspace will initially service the eastern, south and mid-western target species (9). The habitat needs of these species are representative of healthy, functioning ecosystems where conservation efforts benefit a much broader suite of species.

For more information on the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Working Lands for Wildlife partnerships, use this link to the agency's national website.

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Landscape Partnership
Landscape Partnership


Maps indicate the geographic extent of each of the national and state-run conservation efforts. Click each map to expand it. Use your browser's back arrow to return to this page.

WLFW Target Species and Projects Map
WLFW New 2018 Projects Map